European Seminar Hydra 2016

Jul 15th, 2016 | Category: European Seminar Hydra 2016

The 13th European Seminar of ELIAMEP – in cooperation with the European Policy Centre – took place in Hydra from 30 June until 2 July 2016. Under the theme ‘Union, Disunion or Time for a Paradigm Shift?’, the European Seminar of this year took place only a few days after the UK referendum. Discussions focused extensively on the day after for the European Union at the political, economic and foreign affairs level.

In particular, the 13th European Seminar of ELIAMEP was divided into six specialised thematic sessions and one concluding panel discussion,examining the following themes:  Lessons and consequences of the UK referendum (Session I), the question whether Europe should/can assume more responsibility towards its Southern and Eastern Neighborhood? (Session II), the refugee/migrant crisis along with the question whether Europe has a (long-term) plan and if Schengen has a future? (Session III), the debate on whether there is a crisis of democracy – (Session IV), the question of whether the monetary union remain dysfunctional, and if so, what are the chances for reform? (Session V), as well as the examination of the question of how much risk sharing  there can be in the European monetary union and how much room for social inclusion exists ( session VI). Finally, the concluding Panel Discussion discussed the findings of the Seminar as well as perspectives for the EU in the future.