Jul 12th, 2013 | Category: About, European Seminar Nafplio 2013

This year marks the 10th anniversary of our annual European seminars. The 2013 European seminar entitled: ‘Europe in Crisis – Citizens in Protest’ was organised in Nafplio from 4 until 7 July  . Its main objective was to discuss the consequences of the policy choices made to address the economic crisis in individual countries and the EU as whole, as well as the reaction of European citizens. The sessions started with an appraisal of the austerity policies adopted during the crisis which covered the economic results and the effectiveness of these policies in meeting their proclaimed objectives, as well as their impact on domestic economies, societies and political systems. Furthermore, they explored the reaction of Europe’s citizens to the crisis more generally and these policies in particular, through an analysis of civil movements, which either protest against austerity or seek to assuage its effects though social cohesion initiatives. The discussion in the second day focused on the systemic aspects of the current crisis both at the domestic and European levels aiming at identifying the serious challenges created for European integration, as well as the political stability and economic prosperity in individual countries.

The European seminars of ELIAMEP are high-level seminars, which bring together a group of 40-50 leading thinkers and practitioners from different countries. The emphasis is on an interdisciplinary exchange of views with a strong policy orientation. Last year’s European Seminar at the island of Poros was devoted to the examination of Europe’s place in a rapidly changing global political and economic landscape. The main sponsor for our European seminars has been the European Commission.